Home FullStop offer a thorough and proactive approach to selling your UK property. We take the role of a professional estate agent on behalf of our clients, as we develop a selling strategy to suit you and your property.

Although it’s possible to go it alone, there are a large number of benefits to be enjoyed when you choose an estate agent to buy and sell property on your behalf; and in the case of selling properties in London, you won’t find a better representative than Home FullStop.

When you instruct Home FullStop to serve as your selling agent, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits as a result:

  • Our extensive local knowledge helps us to market your property more intelligently – taking into consideration factors such as buying trends, typical selling prices, local selling points and more.
  • We’ll provide you with a full and accurate assessment of the correct marking price, which helps us to find you the best (and most realistic) asking price for your property.
  • Home FullStop will help you to create the perfect sales package, bringing together a wealth of documentation which will bolster your market offering. We’ll arrange high quality photos, floor plans, even brochures and other marketing aids for your London property!
  • We can also offer thorough backing in the case of international sales, and our advertising work will always look to target buyers situated both locally and overseas.
  • After 15 years working in the London property market, we’ve built a huge database of industry contacts! These contacts come in handy when we start to advertise your property, as we’ll be able to communicate personally with a long list of potential buyers.
  • Our advisors will be on hand throughout the process, providing you with accurate and responsive communication as we work towards finding you the perfect buyer for your property.
  • The support doesn’t end there, as we’ll also be able to offer a broad range of industry-specific services, including certification, financial and legal advice, conveyancing, as well as a range of services targeted at helping you through the move itself.

In all our years of experience, we’ve found that the key factors to a successful sale are:

  • A realistic asking price
  • Effective advertising

For that reason, we’ll always help our clients to settle on a realistic price for their property… before putting 100% effort into getting that listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible! Don’t leave your London property sale to chance – turn to Home FullStop instead, and let us find you the best possible deal out there.