When it comes to letting out flats, apartments and houses in Central London and beyond, the team at Home FullStop have the expertise to ensure you a smooth ride. Our years of experience – combined with our forward-thinking attitude – allow us to craft innovative business models, and help you to build strong, ongoing relationships with your tenants.

In addition to that, our management services include a number of specialist features and functions aimed at taking the hard work out of managing your property. You can instruct our expert team to take care of everything from rent collection, through to managing repairs, accounts and legal contracts!

Here at Home FullStop, we’re delighted to be able to offer a wide range of management services designed to cater to every aspect of your ongoing property business. Once we’re instructed to manage the property, you’ll be able to benefits from all of the following:

  • We’ll collect rent on your behalf, as well as fulfilling all of your other duties as laid down according to the tenancy agreement.
  • We will keep your records up to date, by supplying monthly financial reports complete with all paid invoices. In addition to preparing and submitting these statements, we’ll also manage the transfer of the balance to your designated account – after negotiating any disbursements or retentions due.
  • Our services include a quarterly inspection on all properties, to ensure that due maintenance is being upheld in accordance with the tenancy agreement. Inspection dates may be flexible, but never with longer than six months between any two inspections.
  • Our team will arrange any necessary repairs around the property, and always in accordance with the terms laid down in the tenancy agreement. Except in the case of emergency repair work, we will always submit an estimate to the landlord for approval before initiating any repair or maintenance work.
  • On the completion of a tenancy period, our independent tenancy clerks will conduct a “check out” process with the tenants. The fee for this service will subsequently be noted on the landlord’s financial statement.
  • In the case of damages or dilapidation caused by tenants we will oversee estimates for the due repairs, and manage the necessary deductions from the tenant’s deposit.

For a full list of the services we’re able to provide to landlords letting property in Central London, Greater London or other areas, contact Home FullStop today. Please note however, that our letting management services do not include the supervision of untenanted property, except for in special circumstances where a specific management agreement has been made.